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Barq's Retro Soda: New Product Launch

Graphic Design 3: Package Design

For this project, we were required to select an existing brand and logo and create a new product launch/identity. I chose to use Barq’s Root Beer and decided that Barq’s was going to be launching a new product line that needed to grow their current market. The idea behind the retro theme was to get customers feeling nostalgic enticing them to pick them up and try them out. These drinks also work well for themed parties and events. I did research on retro design motifs, colors, typefaces and patterns to create the retro space theme that I decided on for the bottle. Each bottle has its own corresponding color that represents its assigned flavor soda as well as a small graphic. Cream soda has a rocket, root beer has a planet and cherry has a UFO.  

Planet Root Beer Graphic.png
UFO Cherry Soda.png
Rocket Ship Cream Soda.png
New Branding Doc-02.png

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